Establish A Routine

           But if you’re writing for a living – or hoping to – then your approach has got to be a lot more focused.
            Without an established writing routine, finishing your novel ceases to have urgency. Face it, we’re sheep. If our boss tells us to do something NOW, we drop everything and do it. And if we’re honest, we do the same for our children, spouses, church, neighborhood, and whatever volunteer organizations we belong to. Everything with an agenda has a higher priority rating than our work. 
            Why is that? It’s because without an established routine, we don’t really feel that what we’re writing is worth anything. Without set times and dates and goals, that novel in your desk will always have the status of plaything.
            What it comes down to is that you need to not have to DECIDE to write. It should be automatic, like brushing your teeth – something that you do without thinking too much about it. Otherwise, it will feel like inventing the wheel every time you take that “plaything” out of the drawer. So you’ll be asking yourself to do this very difficult thing that carries no status with you and no sense of urgency. Under those circumstances, how often do you think you’ll do it?
            The following are some pointers that will help you to establish a routine, so that writing becomes an intrinsic part of your day and your life. They are ALL essential, so don’t pick and choose. Do them all.