A Wee Taste of Outline

          It’s to a book I haven’t finished writing yet, the second sequel to my latest, LEGACY. I’m going to call it SEDUCTION, I think.
            Anyway, this is what the first few paragraphs of my working outline look like. You may notice that it makes no sense to you. But it does to me, and I’m who I wrote it for. 

            Peter’s graduation party. Mention Fabby and the four other French bombshells. Fabby is only 15. Also Jeremiah’s second in command, Robert Orville.
KT goes to cooking school in Paris
Peter shows up and invites her to live in the mansion. He has learned that Robert Orville knows nothing about the inner life of the family business. He operates out of New York. Peter, as heir, will have special tasks. He expresses great admiration for Henry Shaw, while disparaging Katy’s barren little room. This is when Katy slips, unwittingly and innocently, into the snare of seduction.
The other witches are not friendly to KT, but love Peter. Intro Sophie, among others, incl. Joelle and Marie-Therese, an older woman. They seem to be overly concerned about safety and beauty. They rarely leave the house. Peter is becoming seduced by the opulent lifestyle. Katy cooks for them all, but no one eats.
Intro Fabby, whom KT meets in the kitchen after KT’s ruined feast. Her mother Sophie doesn’t allow her to cook. Knives! Fire! It’s dangerous. Fabby has potential in astral projection. Her mother and the other witches discourage it, but KT thinks that’s because they don’t believe in witchcraft. Funny scene: While Fabby is practicing, she vanishes, scaring the pants off KT.
            By way of contrast, the following is the beginning of the SYNOPSIS of the same work. Remember, the synopsis, unlike the outline, is a selling tool.
            The third novel in Molly Cochran’s LEGACY series begins at a lavish high school graduation party for Peter Shaw, courtesy of his rich great-uncle, Jeremiah. Katy Ainsworth, Peter’s girlfriend and the book’s narrator, feels pangs of envy and resentment as Peter is introduced to “important” people and treated royally, while Katy is left to fend for herself. She ends up playing pool with a French girl named Fabienne, one of several Continental beauties whom Jeremiah has invited, who reveals that Jeremiah has taken Peter under his wing because Peter possesses a most desirable talent: He can create gold.
            Katy is stunned. Not because Peter has exhibited a magical ability – nearly everyone in the small New England town where they live is a witch – but because Peter had kept this information from her. The upshot of their argument is that Katy decides to move to Paris, to study cooking at the renowned Cordon Bleu while Peter becomes fully involved in his role as Jeremiah’s heir.
            As it turns out, though, Peter also ends up living in Paris, in a mansion owned by Jeremiah and filled with “beautiful people” whose main concerns seem to be how they look and what they’ll do for fun.
            Guess you’ve noticed that the synopsis is more interesting and better written, huh? That’s because it’s for show. The outline is just to keep me sane.